Saturday, March 25, 2006

Autonomy in bangalore colleges

Some feel its great , but the majority cant wait to relocate but fail to. The industry demands well round employees and it is the duty of the colleges to deliver,with autonomy they should make sure they do. Practical knowledge should be given greater importance and non-relevant topics should be scrapped.This is an opportunity for institusions to rise from the shadows of something low and stand up as pillars of success. Build students into something more than meare literates.
The major fault lies in the schooling system which holds back an individuals creativity. So colleges should rise to occassion and provide various areas of exposure. They should strive to offer new courses which provide students a variety to choose from. A student should be trained to make the correct choice. revamping of the exam system is also utterly critical.Theoritical essays must be completely avoided. Exams should be short and precise and should act as channel to check the knowledge and time management skills of the student.

hoping for change as it would benefit me too.